Phoenix University Degrees

Phoenix university degreePhoenix University Degrees are online college degrees that you can earn at your own pace in your own time. In 1976 The University of Phoenix came into existence when John Sperling an economist and one time Cambridge professor saw a way to help working adults who wanted to fulfill their educational and financial dreams get the education they needed and wanted to go after more lucrative jobs in the fields of their choices by offering classes at times that were convenient to working adults and at locations that were convenient to them as well.

The program offered such conveniences as online and nigh time classes, digital libraries, continuous enrollment, and flexible scheduling. The idea soon caught on and other online universities sprang up. Today Phoenix University degrees cover a wide range of educational fields and include Associate, Bachelor’s Master’s and even Doctoral degrees

Pursuing an Online Degree

You are going to have to understand that pursuing a Phoenix University online degree or any online degree for that matter is going to take a great deal of focus and commitment on your part. While the University does assign you and academic adviser these are still college courses and you are expected to be able to work at the college level in order to achieve your degree. If you have been out of school for a while the University does offer enrolls a free 3-week orientation workshop that pretty much explains what will be expected of you and will give you tips on navigating courses.

The Process of Accreditation – University of Phoenix

The process of Accreditation – University of Phoenix can support their claim in providing high quality education. These accreditations are proof of the continuous improvement of the university in providing quality higher learning programs that students can benefit from.

Aside from the process of accreditation – University of Phoenix on the fields of studies, the university is also recognized by different commissions. This establishes the overall status of the university in providing education to students and maintaining a well-managed institution.

Accreditation - University of Phoenix

Accreditation – University of Phoenix

Here are some of the accreditations that University of Phoenix has acquired; proof that they are one of the leading universities that provide high quality education to their students.

• Business Accreditation

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has accredited the university to provide several programs. The university’s business, accounting and management programs benefit from this accreditation. Several levels are also accredited, namely associate, bachelor, master, and doctor.

• Nursing Accreditation

Accreditation – University of Phoenix has also earned accreditation from Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Their nursing programs, both bachelor and master, are both accredited. This makes the nursing program of the university one of the best in the US.

Learning at Phoenix University

Phoenix University is one of the top universities in the US because of the quality of education that they are providing to their students. Because of the dedication of the institution in providing quality learning to students who aspire to be successful individuals, the university has devised programs that will improve the overall learning experience of students. This has resulted in the institution building various programs to make the education of students much easier to obtain.

phoenix university

Phoenix University Learning

• Online Learning

One of the most successful and most advantageous programs that the university has created is online learning. Because many students who want to study at the university cannot attend classes on a regular basis, the university has created a plan that will enable students to attend classes without going to campuses.

This has provided students the opportunity to attain on-campus learning approach through the Internet at Phoenix University has created a well-designed and interactive program that will enable students to interact with their instructors and fellow students to make the learning experience great.

• Degrees

The university offers higher learning to students who want to achieve more in their chosen career. Students can get associate, bachelor, masteral and doctoral degrees at the university’s on-campus and online learning program. Login Features

Students of Phoenix University can log in to their university’s portal and interact with other students, manage their coursework and get to know more about the job opportunities that await them. login enables students to log in on the portal and manage their school responsibilities to make their studies easier.

This is a great feature because it helps students manage their time and their resources more efficiently. There are lots of features that the portal provided by Phoenix University offers the students.

Phoenix University Portal Login Features

• Login Form Login

The login form is a secured form where students provide their login information to be able to access their accounts and other services offered by Phoenix University. The form and the page itself is encrypted and protected from third party attacks with the help of EV SSL Certificate.

Students only need to provide their username and password to be able to access the portal. Students who want to sign up for an account on the portal or those who forgot their password can simply click the appropriate links on the login form.

What is the for?

The University of Phoenix is a US-based educational institution that is focused on providing higher learning education. The campus is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is owned by the company named Apollo Group Incorporated. The company is said to own several other educational institutions in the country as well. To date, the University of Phoenix owns a total of 112 campuses worldwide and offers more than a hundred degree programs, such as Associate, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Level. In order to assist students and faculty staff, they came up with the

What you will Find on the Site?

The moment you access the URL, you will be taken to the homepage of the website, and on this page, you will right away be informed as to what you can expect on this student and faculty portal. Basically, it will tell the users that the website is dedicated to assisting the faculty members and students through the career planning and career enhancement tools which are found on this site. By using the, the students and faculty of the University of Phoenix will be able to “get the big picture” of their career.

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