Phoenix University Degrees

Phoenix university degreePhoenix University Degrees are online college degrees that you can earn at your own pace in your own time. In 1976 The University of Phoenix came into existence when John Sperling an economist and one time Cambridge professor saw a way to help working adults who wanted to fulfill their educational and financial dreams get the education they needed and wanted to go after more lucrative jobs in the fields of their choices by offering classes at times that were convenient to working adults and at locations that were convenient to them as well.

The program offered such conveniences as online and nigh time classes, digital libraries, continuous enrollment, and flexible scheduling. The idea soon caught on and other online universities sprang up. Today Phoenix University degrees cover a wide range of educational fields and include Associate, Bachelor’s Master’s and even Doctoral degrees

Pursuing an Online Degree

You are going to have to understand that pursuing a Phoenix University online degree or any online degree for that matter is going to take a great deal of focus and commitment on your part. While the University does assign you and academic adviser these are still college courses and you are expected to be able to work at the college level in order to achieve your degree. If you have been out of school for a while the University does offer enrolls a free 3-week orientation workshop that pretty much explains what will be expected of you and will give you tips on navigating courses.

The University of Phoenix does offer courses at some 200 different locations to help students who want to get a more traditional taste of college life, or who simply learn better in a traditional course. Some of the online courses also require periodic in class time in order to achieve a degree.

Before enrolling in Phoenix University or any other online college, you should check and see if they offer the type of degree you are seeking, if the program is accredited in your state, and if you meet the entrance requirements for the course.

In the end phoenix University degrees are for those highly motivated individuals who want to get a college degree to change jobs or get ahead in a career they have already chosen. By working towards an online degree, you can remain working at current job, care for your family, and still pursue your career dreams as well. These degrees may not be for everyone, but thousands of people have successfully earned the degree of their choice in a field that love.

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