What is the www.ecampus.phoenix.edu for?

The University of Phoenix is a US-based educational institution that is focused on providing higher learning education. The campus is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and is owned by the company named Apollo Group Incorporated. The company is said to own several other educational institutions in the country as well. To date, the University of Phoenix owns a total of 112 campuses worldwide and offers more than a hundred degree programs, such as Associate, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Level. In order to assist students and faculty staff, they came up with the ecampus.phoenix.edu.


What you will Find on the Site?

The moment you access the URL, you will be taken to the homepage of the website, and on this page, you will right away be informed as to what you can expect on this student and faculty portal. Basically, it will tell the users that the website is dedicated to assisting the faculty members and students through the career planning and career enhancement tools which are found on this site. By using the ecampus.phoenix.edu, the students and faculty of the University of Phoenix will be able to “get the big picture” of their career.

How Can the Site Help You?

There are basically three things that a student or the faculty member can benefit on the website and these are:

• Knowing the current job openings as well as the salary ranges
• Understanding the required skills that are essential to achieve success
• Potential job opportunities from some of the world’s best employers

Login Section

Another important section on the ecampus.phoenix.edu is the login section. On this section, you will be asked to provide a username and a password. After you type in your username and password, you will have to click on the login button below.

What Else Can you Find on the Login Section?

Right below the login section, you will find some useful links that could assist the student or the faculty member on gaining access to their accounts. First is the “forgot username/password” link. This is what the user will need to click in case he or she forgot his username or password for the ecampus.phoenix.edu. Right below this link is another link that says “New to campus? Sign-up here”. Basically, this link is for new users of the student and faculty portal. When they click on this, they will be taken to a page that will ask them to register by providing some important details. They need to provide all the information before they can register. Finally, another link that you can find under the login section of ecampus.phoenix.edu is the “Go to Inbox” link. This is where the student would go to if they want to check their emails.

The website also comes in a mobile format. You will find information about this on the homepage, which says that the website can be accessed through iPhone as well as Android phones. If you want to take advantage of this feature, simply click on the “more information” link found right at the bottom of the ecampus.phoenix.edu.

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